[B-Greek] ? mentor for PARAKLHTOS

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I see, so Jesus is a Mentor and he says that God will send another Mentor. 
That implies that Jesus himself is a mantor. Even we can imagine that he is not forcibly the first?
according to John's Gospel (13-14 if i'm not wrong)
Do you agree with that?

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> Objet : [B-Greek] PARAKLHTOS
> I am working on a Portuguese New Testament translation and looked for a long
> time for the ideal word for PARAKLHTOS. We have the transliteration
> "paracleto" in Portuguese. I could use a footnote and explain the term, but
> preferred to use the word "mentor". I seems to covers all possibilities for
> PARAKLHTOS. A mentor encourages, counsels, instructs, guides, defends, etc.
> The Oxford Dictionary defines mentor as:
> mentor
> . noun 1 an experienced and trusted adviser. 2 an experienced person in an
> organization or institution who trains and counsels new employees or
> students. 
> - ORIGIN from the name of Mentor, the adviser of the young Telemachus in
> Homer's Odyssey.
> http://www.askoxford.com/results/?view=dict&field-12668446=mentor&branch=138
> 42570&textsearchtype=exact&sortorder=score%2Cname
> I found an interesting private definition in the International Coach
> Academy:
> A Mentor
> Usually occupies a senior-level assignment of authority and influence within
> the organization 
> Knows the organization/its structure, policies, and processes (both spoken
> and unspoken) 
> Has a broad view and multiple working experiences 
> Knows the "politics" of the organization 
> Shares knowledge and experiences 
> Helps identify developmental opportunities within the organization and "open
> doors" 
> Knows when to interpret and when to pass on wisdom 
> Generally TELLS - advises, instructs, suggests, gives opinions 
> AND... an effective mentor also knows when and how to coach
> http://www.icoachacademy.com/coaching/mentoring.html?source=mentor
> Do you suppose this to be a possible word for PARAKLHTOS?
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