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Wed Jun 7 16:35:56 EDT 2006

I am working on a Portuguese New Testament translation and looked for a long
time for the ideal word for PARAKLHTOS. We have the transliteration
"paracleto" in Portuguese.  I could use a footnote and explain the term, but
preferred to use the word "mentor". I seems to covers all possibilities for
PARAKLHTOS. A mentor encourages, counsels, instructs, guides, defends, etc.
The Oxford Dictionary defines mentor as:

  . noun 1 an experienced and trusted adviser. 2 an experienced person in an
organization or institution who trains and counsels new employees or

  - ORIGIN from the name of Mentor, the adviser of the young Telemachus in
Homer's Odyssey.

I found an interesting private definition in the International Coach

A Mentor

Usually occupies a senior-level assignment of authority and influence within
the organization 
Knows the organization/its structure, policies, and processes (both spoken
and unspoken) 
Has a broad view and multiple working experiences 
Knows the "politics" of the organization 
Shares knowledge and experiences 
Helps identify developmental opportunities within the organization and "open
Knows when to interpret and when to pass on wisdom 
Generally TELLS - advises, instructs, suggests, gives opinions 
AND... an effective mentor also knows when and how to coach

Do you suppose this to be a possible word for PARAKLHTOS?

Pastor Fridolin Janzen
fjanzen at gmx.net
www.criacionismo.com (link to the NT)

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