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Wed Jun 7 00:33:06 EDT 2006

I think that the definitions "counsellor"  and "advisor" are the closest 
English definitions of PARAKLHTOS because they can incorporate all the 
Biblical meanings of "one who assists/teaches/reminds and exhorts."  But 
"counsellor" is not a perfect match, because of its modern connotations, 
especially its links with psychology.  Both definitions are also weak in 
representing the intrinisic element of exhortation.

The only difficult verses for understanding PARAKLHTOS seem to be 1 John 2:1 
and Heb.13:22 (PARAKLHSEWS).  Can these verses be translated as follows so 
that the "assistant/counsellor/advisor" meaning outlined above remains 

1 John 2:1-2: ...And if anyone sins, we have an assistant from the Father, 
Jesus Christ the righteous. He is also a sin-offering not only for our sins 
but for the whole world.

Heb.13:22: But brothers, I implore you to uphold the word of 

Denise Parkes

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