[B-Greek] LOGOS PARAKLHSEWS in Hebrews 13:22

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Chrysostom insightfully drew attention the consolatory nature of much  
of Hebrews. For him, the meaning of LOGOS PARAKHSEWS is “a  
consolatory message”:

"And observe his wisdom. He does not say, “I urge you, then, to put  
up with my message of” admonition [PARAINESEWS], but with my “message  
of exhortation,” that is, of consolation, of encouragement  
[PARAMUQIAS, PROTROPHS]. He means to say that no one would be wearied  
at the length of what has been said." (J. Chrys. Hom. Heb Montfaucon  
12.34.448.17-23. Translation and emphases are the author’s).

A brief perusal of Chrysostom’s Hom. Heb. reveals that consolation is  
a leitmotif of thses sermons (Montfaucon 12:2.38.25-27; 3.58.3-30;  
4.61.10-14; 21-3; 4.63.26-63.3; 4.65.3-10; 4.68.19-23; 5.80.6-10;  
10.148.21-30; 10.149.19-150.7; 11.158.8-22; 11.159.11-13; 11.160ff;  
11.163.7-164.1; 20.266.5; 20.269.5; 21.278.14-18; 21.278.26-279.4;  
21.280.20-25; 28.362.1-9; 28.364.24-365.6; 28.370.18-25;  
28.385.11-17; 28.386.22; 28.386.26-9; 34.448.17-23).

For a cogent exploration of the relation of Chrysostom’s consolatory  
rhetoric and Stoic thought see, Leokadia Malunowiczówna, “Les  
élements stoïciens dans la consolation grecque chrétienne,” Studia  
Patristica (vol 13, part 2; Classica et Hellenica, Theologica,  
Liturgica, Ascetica. Studia Patristica: papers presented to the Sixth  
International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 1971;  
Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 1975), 35-45.

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