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Dear Friends --

The Greek 70 is Greek, alright, but it's unique.  

Not only is it really Hebrew in Greek clothing, but its renderings are so uneven and stylistically divergent that the legends of its origins ('Letter of Aristeas', etc.) are unable to be supported by its internal and integral linguistic characteristics. The 70 is clearly the work of many different translators over an extended period of time.

All that notwithstanding, this is the text of the Scriptures which the Church embraced from the first, and which largely informs the Gospels and the Letters.

For Orthodox Christians, the 70 is normative and the Masorah is consulted only for the sake of comparison.

Peace and blessings to all.

Father James Silver

Monk James 
Orthodox Church in America

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> Dear B-Greek,
> I've noticed on Wikipedia that there's some debate about whether or
> not the LXX is Strictly Koine Greek, here are three salient comments:
> * I believe that the LXX Greek is a more difficult Greek than Koine
> Greek. It is closer to Classical Greek. I think Koine Greek was
> isolated to the NT Bible not the OT. I have done Koine Biblical Greek
> at university level and I believe that it is wrong to say that 
> the LXX
> was written in Koine Greek. Please if you have more information on
> this share it
> * Work remains to be done to establish whether the LXX is actually
> based on Koine Greek, Doric Greek or Attic Greek. But these
> distinctions in Greek dialects are likely to be lost on those looking
> for a standard preliminary work on the Septuagint.
> * LXX is in koine greek. There was a range of different styles within
> Koine and the LXX is (predominantly) a translation which 
> accounts for
> some of its oddities. Some books have a tendancy to Atticise the greek
> (make it sound more Attic). Sleeping Turtle
> I was wondering what the general opinion of this list is?
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