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Jim West jwest at highland.net
Tue Jun 6 16:18:23 EDT 2006

Curiously, Jack Sasson just today has mentioned a new book on the LXX 
that folks involved in this thread may enjoy:

The Legend of the Septuagint
 From Classical Antiquity to Today
Abraham Wasserstein
David J. Wasserstein
Vanderbilt University, Tennessee


1, The Letter of Aristeas; 2. The Hellenistic Jewish tradition; 3. The 
Rabbis and the Greek Bible; 4. The Ptolemaic changes; 5. The church 
fathers and the translation of the Septuagint; 6. Among the Christians 
in the Orient; 7. The Muslims and the Septuagint; 8. Yosippon and the 
story of the seventy; 9. Karaites, Samaritans and Rabbanite Jews in the 
Middle Ages; 10. The Septuagint in the Renaissance and the modern world.

‘This manuscript is a striking and valuable survey of an immense 
territory … It would be impossible to overpraise the book's positive 
qualities. The authors' mastery of original languages and modern 
scholarly literature, their sense of what is plausible and what isn't, 
and the economy of their exposition all compel respect.’ Anthony 
Grafton, Princeton University


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