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Preliminary thoughts on the language of the LXX

1.  The LXX is translation Greek and is only one of the versions referred to
as the Greek OT.
2.  Even before Jellicoe (The LXX and Modern Study, Eisenbrauns, 1978,
p.314), the study of LXX translation theory had become as significant as any
other feature in LXX inquiries.
3.  LXX translators, and there were several, did not follow the same
methods: paraphrase, literal renderings, idiomatic renderings,
transliterations, and interpretive additions, i. e. literal, free, or
4.  Thus, the LXX is not one "translation," but a series of "translational
5.  These translations were made within the Koine period and idiom
(Jellicoe, 330).
6.  There are Semitic influences, as suggested by Moule:"'Biblical Greek
still does retain certain peculiarities, due in part to Semitic influence...
which did in some measure create an idiom and vocabulary of its own,' a
statement which applies with equal cogency to the Greek OT' (Jellico,
7.  Kittel thought the LXX was a theological commentary, not a translation
at all, and there may be some truth to this statement (Jellicoe, 316). James
Barr presented the methodological antithesis to Kittel's ideology.
8.  The LXX is quoted as the Word of God in the NT, just as the Hebrew Text
(or translations thereof)

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> Dear B-Greek,
> I've noticed on Wikipedia that there's some debate about whether or
> not the LXX is Strictly Koine Greek, here are three salient comments:
> * I believe that the LXX Greek is a more difficult Greek than Koine
> Greek. It is closer to Classical Greek. I think Koine Greek was
> isolated to the NT Bible not the OT. I have done Koine Biblical Greek
> at university level and I believe that it is wrong to say that the LXX
> was written in Koine Greek. Please if you have more information on
> this share it
> * Work remains to be done to establish whether the LXX is actually
> based on Koine Greek, Doric Greek or Attic Greek. But these
> distinctions in Greek dialects are likely to be lost on those looking
> for a standard preliminary work on the Septuagint.
> * LXX is in koine greek. There was a range of different styles within
> Koine and the LXX is (predominantly) a translation which accounts for
> some of its oddities. Some books have a tendancy to Atticise the greek
> (make it sound more Attic). Sleeping Turtle
> I was wondering what the general opinion of this list is?
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