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Dear B-Greek,

I've noticed on Wikipedia that there's some debate about whether or
not the LXX is Strictly Koine Greek, here are three salient comments:

* I believe that the LXX Greek is a more difficult Greek than Koine
Greek. It is closer to Classical Greek. I think Koine Greek was
isolated to the NT Bible not the OT. I have done Koine Biblical Greek
at university level and I believe that it is wrong to say that the LXX
was written in Koine Greek. Please if you have more information on
this share it

* Work remains to be done to establish whether the LXX is actually
based on Koine Greek, Doric Greek or Attic Greek. But these
distinctions in Greek dialects are likely to be lost on those looking
for a standard preliminary work on the Septuagint.

* LXX is in koine greek. There was a range of different styles within
Koine and the LXX is (predominantly) a translation which accounts for
some of its oddities. Some books have a tendancy to Atticise the greek
(make it sound more Attic). Sleeping Turtle

I was wondering what the general opinion of this list is?

Oliver J Keenan
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