[B-Greek] AIWNION versus AIWNIAN for feminine

James Tauber jtauber at jtauber.com
Tue Jun 6 04:48:48 EDT 2006

The NT overwhelmingly seems to favour AIWNION as the feminine  
accusative singular of AIWNIOS.

There are only two occasions in the NA/UBS text where the spelling  
AIWNIAN is used: 2Thess and Hebrews.

Is there any historical or dialectal distinction outside the NT  
between the two forms?

And any theories as to why, of all the Pauline corpus, only 2Thess  
uses the -AN form?

(The phrase in 2Thess 2.16 is PARAKLHSIN AIWNIAN; in Hebrews 9.12  

James Tauber

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