[B-Greek] efficiency in classrooms

Eric Weiss papaweiss1 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 3 01:09:50 EDT 2006

> Are not the liturgies of Chrysostom and the 
> Koine GNT still read in Orthodox services weekly?
> David Smith
> Hudson, NC

Yes and no. St. John Chrysostom's Divine Liturgy is read 
almost weekly (but on certain days St. James's or St. 
Basil's, I believe, liturgies are used). In two of the 
three Greek Orthodox Churches around here, about 1/3 to 
1/2 is chanted in Greek with a Modern Greek pronunciation, 
with the rest of the DL in English. In the third church 
(which I haven't yet visited), it may be a bit more in 
Greek. In Russian or Antiochian Orthodox Churches, which 
use the same Divine Liturgy, there will likely be little 
if any Greek - though during the Pascha-to-Pentecost 
period, you may hear "Christ has risen" "Indeed He is 
risen" in multiple languages - Greek, Arabic, Russian, 
Slavic, Spanish, Japanese, German.

Eric S. Weiss

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