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Fri Jun 2 17:27:09 EDT 2006

I'm a great believer in having much of the class in Greek. Speaking, answering questions, and responding to directions go a long way towards internalizing the language. However, I am not sure I would be willing to state 90% of the class should be in Greek. 
For one thing, being able to speak the language does not mean that the student understands the difference in meaning between alternative ways of sayiing the same thing. Nor does the ability to speak the language indicate mastery. Just ask the parent of any American teenager. I don't know what language my child learned as she grew up but it wasn't English.

Another question I have concerning this method is that it does not sound like it adequately meets the needs of visual learners. 

While we are speaking of efficency, let me ask a question. I once read the claim that the average student could easily learn over 500 vocabulary words in a day provided the presentation was properly paced. Has anyone tested this theory?
Michael Abernathy

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