[B-Greek] Why Monotonic Greek. Was: Free Polytonic Uncial GreekUnicode Font?

Dave Smith (REL110, 211,212) rel21x at charter.net
Thu Aug 10 09:51:32 EDT 2006


My Divry's is a 1969 edition, so it too may preceded the debate. In it I see
rough breathing, smooth breathing, circumflex, and  acute, though there is
no rough breathing on rho (R).

The link, as you noted, has tonos, but also has diaeresis. I believe that
Modern Greek was compared with Modern English in a post, but in English we
use no diacritical marks, unless possibly when it is a loan word that has
not been Anglicized. Though we have stress or accents in English
dictionaries, we do not find these markings any other place in print. From
the example, it looks like Modern Greek uses at least two diacritical
markings, except when uncials/capitals are used. I must defer to someone on
this list that speaks and reads Modern Greek. I am only offering my
observations, comparing the use of diacritical markings in English and

The GNT I referenced, printed in Athens 1978, is a traditional eccleastical
text, not a translation into Demotic.

Dave Smith
Hudson, NC

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