[B-Greek] Rm 9:7a Seed of Abraham or Children of Abraham

Oun Kwon kwonbbl at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 15:19:31 EDT 2006

Hi Iver,

As I reread your comment and the text in question, you finally have
given me what seems to be a last nail to coffin to bury this question.

Regarding 'SPERMA' + 'ABRAAM' vs. 'TEKNA', though 'children' and
'seed' are overlapping in semantic and usage, and many use
'descendants' for 'SPERMA' : e.g.

"nor are all the children Abraham's true descendants"  (NET)

whereas NRSV confusedly mixed the two words up -
"not all of Abraham's children are his true descendants."

I was amazed to read a Korean translation where both are rendered same
(meaning 'descendants').

Thanks again.

Oun Kwon.

On 4/29/06, Iver Larsen <iver at larsen.dk> wrote:

> How do you connect PANTES with TEKNA? Since TEKNA is neuter plural and SPERMA is neuter singular, I cannot see how the
> masculine plural PANTES can modify either of the two. There is no phrase in the text that can be translated "all
> children".
> Therefore, I take PANTES to function substantively (with an implied ANQRWPOI) so that the construction is:
> "and not all (people/Jews - cf. PANTES hOI EX ISRAHL just before) (are) children (of God/Abraham in the spiritual sense)
> because they are Abraham's seed".


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