[B-Greek] Kirsopp-Lake Apostolic Fathers (PDF)

John McChesney-Young panis at pacbell.net
Sat Apr 29 14:19:51 EDT 2006

On Apr 29, 2006, at 1:41 PM, gfsomsel at juno.com wrote:

>>  If anyone is interested, I have found two PDF files with the Loeb 
>>  Classical Library edition of the Apostolic Fathers with Kirsopp 
>>  Lake's translation.
>>  vol 1 http://www.thedcl.org/christia/l/lakekirs/apostfa1/apostfa1.html
>>  vol 2 http://www.thedcl.org/christia/l/lakekirs/apostfa2/apostfa2.html

The above are image files, and as a supplement to them some may find 
useful the digitized Greek texts from the Lake edition at CCEL:


On checking a couple of page source files to see what encoding was 
used (windows-1252; it displayed fine in my Firefox without any 
tweaking but I was curious), I discovered in the process that the 
transcriber was none other than a certain George F. Somsel.


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