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> Hello all,
> Please pardon my amateur question - but I'm still struggling with verb
> tenses.
> In 1 Corinthians 15:9 Paul is speaking of how he persecuted the Church.
> In
> most every translation I've seen this is translated as past tense.
> Can someone please help a rookie understand why this sentence:
> ... is not translated as "I persecute" rather than "I persecuted"?
> Thanks so much!

Hey, Glenn, amateur questions are perfectly ok -- it's how one grows out of
the neophyte stage!

Very simply, it is a first person singular, aorist active indicative.  The
aorist if often the "flat" or simple past tense.  Here Paul is giving the
reason why he considers himself ELACISTOS, "least" -- it is because he
persecuted the church (in the past).  The present tense would indicate that
he is still persecuting the church, which would make no sense at all.  Since
the aorist indicative is a past tense, so we translate it.

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