[B-Greek] Concordant Literal New Testament

Larry Baker larrynbaker at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 18:28:23 EDT 2006

For those who know how to read the GNT, the Concordant Literal New Testament Interlinear (Sublinear) will be found to be "colorful" - one can make sense out of it and its odd and provential translation theory, if one knows NT Greek.
  The most fasinating thing that I have found is the experience of reading (or trying to read) its "uncial" Greek format - uncial letters with no spaces between words.  Even aside from the English translation, this can give you a "feel" with the original readers of the GNT.
  Larry N. Baker, instructor
  Meridian University of Biblical Training,
  Del City, OK
  P.S., I am curious and concerned about the theological interests or bent of the publisher and translators.

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