[B-Greek] LXX Greek vs NT Greek

Albert Pietersma albert.pietersma at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 26 16:48:51 EDT 2006

On Apr 26, 2006, at 4:33 PM, Gene Gardner wrote:

> Albert Pietersma wrote:  “This simplistic notion is, unfortunately, 
> responsible for many a  Septuagint-specific entry in LSJ, when a new 
> meaning is ascribed, to an  existing Greek word, based on such 
> pairing. The methodological faux pas  is that, in such cases, the 
> HEBREW context is superimposed on that of  GREEK context.”
> I have Hatch and Redpaths, which some say has its own peculiarities, 
> so my next question is, who's LXX lexicon is the most accurate?
> I also have the Hebrew Aramaic index by Muraoka keyed to H&R.
Hatch and Redpath is a concordance, not a lexicon. The best LXX lexicon 
(incomplete as yet) is T. Muraoka, A Greek-English Lexicon of the 
Septuagint.  This lexicon works with word definitions rather than 
specific glosses (for a review see John Lee in BIOSCS 37 [2004] 
127-139). There is also Lust-Eynikel-Hauspie, A Greek-English Lexicon 2 
vols. This lexicon works with specific glosses rather than word 
definitions (for a review see Dirk Büchner in BIOSCS 37 [2004]  
>  Perry L Stepp wrote:
>  “In regard to this topic, you need to see James Barr's vitriolic 
> (butessentially correct) _Semantics of Biblical Language_ and Moises 
> Silva's _Biblical Words and Their Meanings_.”
> Can I find these online anywhere?
> Thanks again,
> Gene Gardner
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