[B-Greek] LXX Greek vs NT Greek

Gene Gardner g_gardner1234 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 26 16:33:36 EDT 2006

Albert Pietersma wrote:  “This simplistic notion is, unfortunately, responsible for many a  Septuagint-specific entry in LSJ, when a new meaning is ascribed, to an  existing Greek word, based on such pairing. The methodological faux pas  is that, in such cases, the HEBREW context is superimposed on that of  GREEK context.”

I have Hatch and Redpaths, which some say has its own peculiarities, so my next question is, who's LXX lexicon is the most accurate?
I also have the Hebrew Aramaic index by Muraoka keyed to H&R.

 Perry L Stepp wrote:

 “In regard to this topic, you need to see James Barr's vitriolic (butessentially correct) _Semantics of Biblical Language_ and Moises Silva's _Biblical Words and Their Meanings_.”

Can I find these online anywhere?

Thanks again,

Gene Gardner

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