[B-Greek] LXX Greek vs NT Greek

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Take a good look at Hatch & Redpath's concordance to the Septuagint. Some Greek words translate a dozen different Hebrew words. At best, I would say the Septuagint shows the semantic range of specific words. 
Michael Abernathy
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From: Gene Gardner <g_gardner1234 at yahoo.com>
> Thank you all for the information. It is always nice to have the scholars weigh 
> in. My next question is related to my first. In your view, can someone use the 
> application of the Greek words found in the LXX, as chosen by the translators to 
> best express its Hebrew equivalent, as a template to define what the possible 
> Hebrew equivalent of the same NT words might be in a reverse fashion? Would this 
> sort of application be considered accurate or acceptable in the academic 
> language community?
>  Once again, thank you all for your input,
>  Gene Gardner
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