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Abernathy EGRAPSEN
>I tutored my daughter when she took Greek so I'll give you some
suggestions I found helpful.

First, you will find that there are a lot of Greek words that except
for the ending are the same in Greek and English. Start with those.
It's a great confidence booster when they recognize how many words
they already know.

Second, and I apologize for this but it works, kids love to learn how
to say things like "butt-head" in Greek. If you can translate some
common English insults into Greek, the kids will never forget those

Third, come up with a number of instructions you can give the kids to
follow in class. Stand, sit, pick up the book, run, etc. A Greek
version of Simon Says forces the kids to respond quickly to the
phrases you want them to learn.

Fourth, ask questions in Greek. You can start them with questions they
can answer in English but as they progress require them to answer in
Michael Abernathy>

This is excellent advice and works for adults, too.

Barry, in a junior-high you have the wonderful opportunity to teach
the language as a language. Find the most effective ways to teach
French, then do it for Greek. Do check out TPR, and TPR-Story at
www.tpr-world.com. Class ambience is probably more important than
mimicking a grad school.

On 'butthead'-words, our summer biblical Hebrew students are amused to
find "words they never heard in the Bible" (quoting Simon and
Garfunkel) actually occurred in the Bible and were used by prophets
but not read in synagogue or translated with the same rhetorical

For Greek there are amusing (or gross) words in some of the plays
(check out Aristophanes, maybe KATAPUGOS can get you started. I
shouldn't translate it for nettiquette. [Carl, you want to clarify?] )
You will find funny stories in the EPIGRAMMATA (Greek Anthology), Life
of Aesop, Lucian, and you've seen them sprinkled all over Greek
literature, where the Greeks were, uh, . . . just being natural
Greeks. They did enjoy making fun of each other.


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