[B-Greek] LXX Greek vs NT Greek

Albert Pietersma albert.pietersma at sympatico.ca
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Dear Gene,
Needless to say, the subject you raise is complex and could fill 
volumes. Moreover, as the Greek of the NT is diverse, so is the Greek 
of the LXX, ranging all the way from normal, compositional Greek (e.g. 
2 Maccabees) to rather outlandish translationese (e.g. Ecclesiastes, 
which sports [Greek] SUN  + accusative for the so-called nota 
accusativi of Hebrew [as noted by Harold Holmyard]).

Even if we restrict ourselves to translation Greek, there is still a 
wide variety, ranging from  a book such as Job, which features none the 
tell-tale features noted by  Harold to (again) Ecclesiastes, which 
features some 'non-Greek Greek'.

According to Gideon Toury (cf. Descriptive Translation Studies and 
Beyond) translation literature typically reflects linguistic influence 
from its source text. He then distinguishes between (1) positive 
transfer (i.e. overuse of  attested usages of the target language), and 
(2) negative transfer (i.e. inventing usages not viable in standard 

You may benefit from reading To the Reader of NETS, an introduction to 
A New English Translation of the Septuagint, which can be accessed at 
http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/nets/edition/ . I'd be happy to discuss with 
you the details of that essay.
On Apr 25, 2006, at 7:58 PM, Gene Gardner wrote:

> Could the learned scholars of the list, please discuss any of the 
> obvious differences in the two.
>  Thanks,
>  Gene Gardner
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