[B-Greek] Rm 9:7a Seed of Abraham or Children of Abraham

Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Tue Apr 25 20:31:30 EDT 2006

Oun Kwon wrote:

>After my reply is sent, looking further at the rendering by George and
>others, I have not gotten a clear answer about whether ABRAAM is to
>George:  Nor that all children are seed of Abraham
>Hays:   Not all children of Abraham are 'seed'
>Similar contrast is seen between NET and NRSV:
>/ nor are all the children Abraham's seed - NET;
>/ not all of Abrahams' children are his seed – NRSV
>Can you help me understand Gk syntax for a subtle difference?  Either
>way is o.k.?
HH: Hays and NRSV have it right. The structure is similar to the 
previous verse, where not all from Israel are Israel. Here it is not 
that all Abraham's seed are children.

Harold Holmyard

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