[B-Greek] Rm 9:7a Seed of Abraham or Children of Abraham

Oun Kwon kwonbbl at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 20:00:23 EDT 2006

After my reply is sent, looking further at the rendering by George and
others, I have not gotten a clear answer about whether ABRAAM is to

George:  Nor that all children are seed of Abraham
Hays:   Not all children of Abraham are 'seed'

Similar contrast is seen between NET and NRSV:

/ nor are all the children Abraham's seed - NET;
/ not all of Abrahams' children are his seed – NRSV

Can you help me understand Gk syntax for a subtle difference?  Either
way is o.k.?

Oun Kwon.

P.S.  Correction; The coupled ones are OU (v.6b) and OUD (v.7a); not
with OUC (v.6a).

On 4/25/06, Oun Kwon <kwonbbl at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi George,
> It's wonderful.  Thanks for making me to have it learned that:
> in Gk text  OUD (v.7) is coupled with OUC (v.6). Then hOTI in v. 7
> should correspond to the same in v.6. Thus, it should be understood as
> equivalent to English 'that' in both verses.  Most of English
> translations (except paraphrase translations) and interlinear ones
> take it as 'because' in v.7, while in v. 6 it is rendered as 'that'.
> Am I correct if I understand from your rendering that 'PANTES TEKNA'
> is the subject of the verb EISIN?
> Oun Kwon.

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