[B-Greek] Internalizing Greek [was "Webb & Kysar's Greek for Preachers"]

Smith William mashalomcha at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 23 15:50:33 EDT 2006

Randall wrote,

> I actually expect academic committees to expect 
> Biblical Hebrew
> teachers to speak modern Hebrew in about 20 years. 
> (Upcoming students take
> note!) I don't have such illusions for ancient 
> Greek of any dialect. But hope is renewable.

Do you have suggestions for people to internalize the
languages? I'll have to check out the CD you

I read from the Hebrew Bible every day (and once in a
while some from Qumran and the Mishnah). I also read
from "the" Septuagint and the Greek NT each day (and
sometimes from the Apostolic Fathers, Josephus, or

There is also no one nearby to practice speaking the
languages in order to try to develop that facility.
(There's also no one around with whom to practice
conversing in French or German!)

William Smith

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