[B-Greek] Mounce Supplements--anything new?

Ulrik Petersen ulrikp at hum.aau.dk
Sun Apr 23 13:52:57 EDT 2006

Dear Kat,

Kat Doe wrote:

>Also can anyone PLEASE maybe share some quiz answers with me. 

I know you were asking for answers to *Mounce* quizzes, but I thought 
I'd remind you -- and everyone -- of my Greek paradigms quizzes, 
available for free on the web:


It'll give you the answers straight away after you've attempted an 
answer yourself :-).

There is also a Hebrew equivalent, available via:


Ideas for improvements to either quiz are welcomed. (Carl, I still need 
to do something about the voices of EIMI; sorry it's taking me so long!)


Ulrik Petersen
Ulrik Petersen, PhD candidate, MA, B.Sc.
University of Aalborg, Denmark
Emdros is a corpus query system: http://emdros.org

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