[B-Greek] Mounce Supplements--anything new?/staying on track

TuNeCedeMalis67 at aol.com TuNeCedeMalis67 at aol.com
Sun Apr 23 07:15:46 EDT 2006

Thanks. I have the workbook key. I was looking for QUIZZES with keys in 
particular. I really like to take quizzes and have a "score". It motivates me to 
study harder and actually take each chapter more seriously.

I'm such a curriculum hopper, but I've found that the few times I've had 
access to quizzes or even better someone expecting quizzes from me on a regular 
basis, I stick to one curriculum. As soon as the quizzes are gone, I start 
wandering through my other books, for more than clarification of a point to prep 
for my next test. I'm so easily distracted :-(

At each stage of my learning, after yet another crash of weeks not studying 
Greek at all, I set myself some goals and really analyze what my priorities are 
for the next few weeks. I'm going to use the Leaping Lions software EVERYDAY 
no matter what, and it keeps track of my vocab without me having to organize 
anything. I know I'm going to be busy and distracted the next few weeks and 
will have NO motivation to organize my studies or prepare materials. I need some 
spoon feeding right now or I'll end out with no Greek till things ease up a 

And I need quizzes that I know I need to be ready for, on schedule. 

Last night I was e-mailed a key to an old 1st edition set of tests. I'd like 
to use those as pretests and use a 2nd edition quizzes if anyone can trust me 
with them. At least I have the 1st edition quizzes though!! :-) Happy, happy 
dance over those! :-)

My goals change with time :-0 Sometimes my goals are accents and comp. 
Sometimes my goals are on immersion and reading. Right now I need to get a massive 
amount of vocab and ending down. 

I was studying a bit with a professor teaching a combined Attic/Koine online 
course, but right at the time I got bogged down in memory work, she got busy 
and didn't have time to send me the next quiz and I got sidetracked. I want to 
get a load of memory work out of the way and see if she has a bit of time for 
me again. Her course doesn't have enough resources for me and I have to create 
my own or just tough out the memory work. 

I got through the first few chapters with her, relying on my strong 
foundation from Machen and was able to get into really good nitty gritty discussion of 
accents and composition that helped me SO MUCH! I want to be well prepared for 
her further chapters too, before restarting with her, instead of being so 
bogged down in vocab and endings. Her course is too...it just doesn't fit my 
learning style... but she is an amazing teacher...and when I'm prepared I can 
learn SO much from her.

Anyway, I know everyone here has their favorite methods and such and many 
will say I don't need quizzes...but for right now...the next few weeks...yeah I 
do :-)


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