George Young webber_young at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 17:13:34 EDT 2006

Dear B-Greek:

There is an intriguing verse in Luke 11:52 (one of the
woes pronounced upon the experts of the law).  In
11:52 Jesus says that the NOMIKOIS have "taken away"
the key of knowledge HRATE THN KLEIDA THS GNWSEWS.  I
hope that perhaps the list might be able to help me. 
The questions I am asking are:

1.  What is the "key" (KLEIDA)

2.  How did the experts in the Law take/hide HRATE
(aorist ind. act.) it away? Note: Codex Bezae =
EKRUYATE (aorist).

3.  Furthermore, how do  they forbid those entering
into this knowledge? EKWLUSATE (aorist ind. act.).

4. What is the nature of the knowledge that is
forbidden? GNWSIS

5. Finally, why is it forbidden?


Webber Young.


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