[B-Greek] Webb & Kysar's Greek for Preachers

Ken Penner ken.penner at acadiau.ca
Sat Apr 22 10:19:09 EDT 2006

This is the type of course I am planning to run next year (but for Hebrew): We would have one overview term of grammatical concepts and only the most basic paradigms and vocabulary, teaching the use of electronic tools for parsing and most vocabulary. Then in the second term we would go back over much of the material in more detail, developing independence from the electronic tools, bringing the students' skills up to the point normally expected from a first-year course.
I am glad to hear there is a textbook for the first term of this method for Greek; I was planning to write my own for Hebrew.

Ken Penner

> I have settled for now on Webb & Kysar's Greek for Preachers 
> (Chalice Press) but in some discussions with Eric Weiss on a 
> different forum, he expressed some concerns about popular 
> rather than scholarly treatments about some words and topics. 
> I have the students memorize 70+ vocabulary over the twelve 
> weeks and the def. art. paradigm, but to this point, no verb 
> paradigms (I'm adding them for the next class this fall). In 
> spite of its shortcomings, I like GFP because it teaches 
> grammatical concepts while relying on existing resources 
> (print or electronic) to do the parsing work, since many 
> students have access to that through the Internet anyway.
> I'm wondering if anyone else has used Webb & Kysar's book in 
> the classroom, and what are your opinions of it.

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