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Try these links:





Thomas Schreiner's book Interpreting the Pauline Epistles has information
about diagramming as does Brooks and Winbery's Syntax of New testament
Eric Sowell has something on the Internet about diagramming and Dr John
McClean has some useful information about diagramming that you can purchase
from the Gramcord Institute. There is also Diagrammatical analysis by L.
And finally, Richard Belcher has published a little notebook "Diagramming
the Greek New Testament" (http://www.gbibooks.com/final.asp?id=263) and
"Principles and Practice of Greek Exegesis" by John Grassmick might help. If
there are other resources I too would like to know.
Terry Cook

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> This is my first post, so be generous
> I am writing a paper on galatians 6:1 and am trying to understand the
> function of hOI PNEUMATIKOI.  What are the possible functions?
> Also, does nayone have a good web site for help in diagramming
> sentences?  Thanks
> David Brinkley
> Cullen, VA
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