[B-Greek] Grammatical Concepts for Biblical Greek

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I would agree. Gary is a good scholar and teacher (disclaimer: he and I
were classmates at the U of Chicago) and this is a companion to his
Hebrew one:
"Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Hebrew: Learning Biblical Hebrew
Grammatical Concepts through English Grammar"
by Gary A. Long
Hendrickson Publishers, 2002
xviii + 189 pages, English, Paper
ISBN: 1565637135
List Price: $19.95

There is another book along the same lines, but I think Gary's is
better, though a bit more expensive:
"English Grammar to Ace New Testament Greek"
by Samuel Lamerson
Zondervan Publishing Company, 2004
96 pages, English, Paper
ISBN: 0310255341
List Price: $8.99


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> I just received an interesting book for those of you
> who may be struggling like I am trying to teach Greek 
> to students who know very little English grammar. 
> Gary A. Long at Bethel University in St. Paul,
> Minnesota has wrtten abood book and I think you all
> would do well to take a look at it. It's given
> positive reviews, by David Alan Black and Stanley
> Porter
> Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Greek.
> Hendrickson, 2006 ISBN: 1565634063
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