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OK wrote:

However, I like to know whether PRWI can refer to other than morning  
at all.


Oun Kwon.

PRWI as "early" can refer more specifically to two 3-hour watches/ 
divisions of the day.  One
is the early morning watch from 3am-6am and the second is the early  
evening watch beginning
at noon to 3pm.   The context clues to which is in reference.

Not absolutely sure about Mark 11:20 but if it is a reference to a  
watch since verse 19 preceeds
with a reference to "late" (OYE) a reference to the late evening  
watch (6pm-9pm) so it is possible
after some travel during the night this was during the early morning  
watch, sometime between
3am and 6am.    John 18:28, when Jesus was first before Pilate (HN DE  
PRWI; it was but early)
since it was already after daylight when he was seen at the  
Sanhedrine would be a reference
to shortly before the early evening watch and thus shortly before  
noon (early evening watch
was from noon to 3pm).

So you have two other choices for "early" besides the general  
reference, either the early
morning watch specifically from 3am-6am, or the early evening watch  
from noon to 3pm when
PRWI is used, depending upon the context if there is sufficient.

Larry (Wilson)
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