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On Apr 13, 2006, at 11:12 PM, Stephen Baldwin wrote:

> But there does not appear to me to be a particular link between 
> "walking"
> and "pleasing" in Greek is there? Can anyone shed any light, is there 
> any
> logic to the words chosen by the authors of the LXX?
Once it is recognized that Hebrew HALAKh is often used figuratively ( 
e.g. to walk in God's commandments),  that "walking with God" or 
"before God" regularly means doing what God requires, and that doing 
what God requires is pleasing to God, perhaps "walking" and "pleasing" 
are not far apart at all.  It need therefore occasion no great surprise 
that on six occasions the translator of Genesis translated HLK hitpa'el 
figuratively by EUARESTEW. Another four instances from Psalms may be 
added to the list. Thus  Wevers (Notes on Genesis 71) seems justified 
in writing: "To walk with God means to have fellowship with him, and 
'to please God' interprets the intention of MT correctly." (re Gen 
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