[B-Greek] ORQOTOMEW in 2 Tim 2:15

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> Dear Friends --
> I'd like to point out that, in the Divine Liturgy, just at the end  
> of the anaphora, we pray for the episcopate, asking that the  
> bishops 'rightly mete out the word of Your truth' -- taken directly  
> from this verse.  (We sing the Bible in the services.)

It would appear that you haven't looked at the series of blog entries  
at Better Bible Blog to which I pointed in the first message of this  
thread, or perhaps you didn't find that lengthy discussion very  

> In prechristian Greek, ORQOTOMEW is used in many contexts, but the  
> cutting of cloth stands out.  A Russian proverb says 'Measure seven  
> times, since you can cut only once.'

Can you cite an instance of that usage for cutting cloth in pre- 
Christian Greek? I don't have access to the TLG disk to check  
instances, but LSJ has a very meager entry on the word. BDAG points  
rather to usage with road-building.

> _A fortiori_, this is important not just for tailors, but for  
> teachers of the scriptures.
> Peace and blessings to all.
> Monk James
> Father James Silver
> Orthodox Church in America
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> Subject: Re: [B-Greek] ORQOTOMEW in 2 Tim 2:15
>> (Be reminded that this passage begins with the concept
>> of teaching others, and those teaching other faithful
>> and competent ones, etc.) I've often wondered if the
>> idea here is not that of (TOM-) cutting in the sense
>> of dividing or separating out (so as to install a road
>> or bridge). It would then yield the idea of "rightly
>> systematizing or categorizing the word of truth." In
>> modern times, we call the results of such an
>> undertaking Sytematic Theology. Such a work, would
>> need one to be a "proven worker." It will be a long
>> and hard process to systematize the scriptures, both
>> OT and NT, but without this TOM- of the word, people
>> (2.18) have strayed from the truth, pulling some
>> passage of the resurrection, for example, out of
>> context and drawing unsystematic conclusions. Such a
>> process will not avoid misinterpretation; rather, Paul
>> is simply giving Timothy the proper methodology to employ.
>> Eddie Mishoe
>> Pastor
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