Mitch Larramore mitchlarramore at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 11:22:09 EDT 2006

Speaking of ambiguity, consider my first question a
good example of just that, unintentionally. After
reading some of the replies, I actually would now like
to ask yet another question.

Is there a different preposition phrase, that can be
substituted for DIA PISTEWS, that would remove the
ambiguity (so that it would be either a Subjective or
Objective meaning)? Rather than completely changing a
nominal (DIA PISTEWS) expression into a verbal one (as
some examples pointed out), could Tertius have used EN
or PROS or EIS plus a Genitive or Accusative? If so,
I've got to believe that the ambiguity was intentional.

Mitch Larramore
Sugar Land, Texas

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