[B-Greek] Matthew 28:17: hOI DE EDISTASAN

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sun Apr 9 15:25:59 EDT 2006

Dear list,

>I'm not so sure that you have proven your case.  Mt 2.5 might or might
>not indicate only SOME.   Other cases of the appearance of hOI DE are
>part of a participial clause which would therefore be "those who *ing . .
>."  I haven't checked every instance which you cite since I'm still in
>the process of evaluating your conclusion, but my initial reaction is as
>above.  To establish your argument you will need to restrict yourself to
>instances of hOI DE followed by a finite verb.

HH: Right. The participles can require hOI if they are to be 
substantive, so they should not really be included in this survey of 
Matthew's usage. I forgot that when I made my earlier comment.

Harold Holmyard

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