[B-Greek] ECOMEN or ECWMEN - Rom. 5.1

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Larramore egrapsen: 
>>NT Wright takes ECWMEN as imperative. He puts the
circumflex over the W. Could he mean that it is in
form a Subjunctive, but in function an imperative? He
glosses it "let us have peace."
o de fay:
> I believe he is taking the subjunctive as hortatory. He mistates himself 
since there is no 1st plural imperative form per se. Admittedly, he states 
in his commentary that this is a possibility (which I believe is wrong), but

I think he is mistating himself. Also, Wright does believe it should be 
understood as indicative (Romans, 515).
He points to Moo (Romans, 295-6) as support for the imperatival reading, but

Moo takes it as a hortatory subjunctive as well.>
It helps to recognize that people do not always use the same metalanguage.
A hortatory subjunctive is someone else's cohortative, is someone else's
1st person imperatival usage. 
What concerns me is the w-mega properispwmenon (circumflex). That would be
a misprint for either E'XOMEN or E'XWMEN proparoksutonos. 
Please note, it would be possible for a scribe to write either one, even if 
a subjunctive was intended. They were homonyms in the first century.
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