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  If you have access to it, you might like to check and excellent article by Norman Young in the Evangelical Quarterly in the early 1980s which discusses the position of C.H. Dodd and those who differed with him on hilasterion.  It was called something like "Hilestarion: C.H. Dodd and his Critics".  Sorry I can't be more precise.  I'm travelling at the moment and am a long way from my library.
  David Thiele

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Subject: [B-Greek] ἱ?????? in 1 John 2:2
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I was wondering if anyone might have some information on ἱëáóìüò in 1 
John 2:2. BADG defines the word as 'expiation/propitiation' but I was 
reading some other references that explain that there is a really 
distinction between the two words. Are there any other references that might 
offer more about the word/ use of the word outside of scripture, etc? 
Perhaps Please forgive me if I do not have the right email format but I look 
forward to anything you all can offer.

God Bless,
DeLano J. Sheffield

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