[B-Greek] ἱ?????? in 1 John 2:2 (expiation/propitiation)

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As I understand it, the basic difference between the two English (Latin) words are as follows:

Expiation: has sin or offence as the object, has to do with removing the offensiveness of the offence

Propitiation: has the offended party as the object, has to do with appeasing or pacifying the offended party

So the main difference has to do with the object.

As I see it, the problem with 1 John 2:2 is that the word in question is a noun. There is no direct object. Also, being a noun, the _thing_ being described could conceivably both expiate and propitiate. Whether it is one, the other, or both is probably a contextual and interpretive question. (FWIW I would tend to think that a Biblical hILASMOS would do both, since Biblically there are both problems of sin as an offence and God as the offended party, and a Biblical hILASMOS deals with sin by providing satisfaction to God; but that is probably getting too theological for this list!)

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> I was wondering if anyone might have some information on 
> ἱëáóìüò in 1 
> John 2:2. BADG defines the word as 'expiation/propitiation' but I was 
> reading some other references that explain that there is a really 
> distinction between the two words. Are there any other 
> references that might 
> offer more about the word/ use of the word outside of scripture, etc? 
> Perhaps Please forgive me if I do not have the right email 
> format but I look 
> forward to anything you all can offer.
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