[B-Greek] him which is, and which was, and which is to come

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Wed Nov 23 10:21:38 EST 2005

--- Glendon Gross <gross at clones.net> wrote:
> Maybe I missed something... but is it really true
> that John is believed 
> to have written the Apocalypse in Hebrew or Aramaic
> originally?
> My impression was that some have concluded this on
> the basis of the 
> large number of Hebrew idioms contained in the Greek
> text of Revelation.
> Nevertheless, I am not aware of any Hebrew text that
> uses the 
> Tetragrammaton in place of this verse.  If such a
> manuscript really does 
> exist, please enlighten me as to where I can find
> it.  I was under the 
> impression that such ideas are purely conjecture,
> and that we have no 
> textual evidence of such if it is true.

Without straying beyond the bounds of tyhe list I
think that it is safe to say that the Apocalypse was
not necessarily written in Hebrew.  Other theories are
current and, I understand, more popular.  As for the
rest, I think the claim was that the phrase hO WN etc.
was a notional translation of the sacred
tetragrammaton as it appears in the OT--perhaps
influenced by (or taken from?) the LXX.  Not that the
sacred tetragrammaton ever appeared in the text of the
Apocalypse itself.

As Carl has pointed out, the Greek is not decisive in
this case and brining in other evidences quickly
passes the list bounds so a full debate of the issue
really belongs in another forum.

Cirk R. Bejnar

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