[B-Greek] Jn 12:44

Iver Larsen iver at larsen.dk
Fri Nov 18 12:31:56 EST 2005

>I am sympathetic to your post, Iver, about the "semitic structure" of
> John. Before you made your post I began a search of the LXX looking
> for OU/ALLA phrases that might make this observation concrete enough
> to be supported with data. (Since the LXX is sometimes woodenly
> literal.) However, I haven't found any yet. Origen, of course, is
> much more philosophically Greek than Semitic, but I wonder whether OU/
> ALLA ambiguities might also crop up in the papayri, whether it might
> be a feature of Egyptian Greek as well, but I don't know.
> Yancy Smith
> Y.W.Smith at tcu.edu
> Brite Divinity School
> Texas Christian University

It is not something that can be easily found by doing searches on particular words, and it is not restricted to ALLA/OU.

A famous example is John 1:11-12. where we are first told in v. 11 in general terms that Jesus was rejected by his own 
people. But then v. 12 verse says that a number of (his own) people did receive him.

It is quite common to first make a general statement and then later qualify it by exceptions or further details. I could 
give many examples from the OT, but that is beyond b-Greek.

Iver Larsen 

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