[B-Greek] Definition of Voice

Eddie Mishoe edmishoe at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 12 09:49:27 EST 2005

Ran across this definition of Voice at OpenText.org.
Any comments?

Causality is a semantic category, associated with the
predicate of a clause, which expresses the
relationship between the agent of an action and the
action itself. It is grammaticalized through an
author's selection of voice. Direct causality is
grammaticalized through the active voice form,
External causality through the passive voice and
Internal/Ergative causality through the middle voice
form. At the clause level ambiguity between middle and
passive forms (in the present and perfect forms),
marked at the word group level, must be resolved and
the predicate assigned either Internal/Ergative or
Passive causality.

Eddie Mishoe

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