[B-Greek] Question on rules

gary_t_meadors at cornerstone.edu gary_t_meadors at cornerstone.edu
Thu Nov 10 07:40:57 EST 2005

Albert raises an interesting question that it would be good for me to
review since I only recently returned to monitoring the list.

Is BGreek only a grammatical-lexical kind of list or does it include
grammatical-lexical-usage issues.  It seems to me that the former would be
like reading a lexicon but never reading the literature it represents.  It
seems to me that the common dictum that "usage determines meaning," while
requiring a synchronic control, allows diachronic analysis.

Earlier, when the discussion about the meaning of "baptism" was taking
place, it seemed that the issue of literal vs. figurative usage of a term
was on the border of the rules...yet that is the crux interpretum in many

I think these are important questions if one is really going to talk about
"how" Greek means.


Gary T. Meadors
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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