[B-Greek] Philip Engmann invites you to join Zorpia

Arthur King amgking at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 7 15:19:31 EST 2005

Fellow B-Greekers,
I see that the offering below from Zorpia, ostensibly at the instance
of one Philip Engmann, was addressed to the list.  I don't know any
Philip Engmann, who must be very popular, to have so many scholarly
friends. I suspect some sort of SCAM. 
Arthur King

--- philipengmann at yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi biblical!
> Your friend Philip likes Zorpia enough to invite you to join them
> there!
> Zorpia is an online photo-journal community where you can upload
> unlimited pictures and entries for your friends to see.  You can keep
> track of your friends' lives and meet new people from all over the
> world when searching user profiles for people who share your
> interests.
> Come find out what we're all about, and be a Zorpian now!
> Please click the following URL to join Zorpia:
> http://www.zorpia.com/cgi/signup.cgi?referral=philipengmann
> You got this email because someone who knows you sent you an
> invitation to join them on Zorpia.
> If you do not wish to receive invitations from Zorpia members, click
> on the link below:
> Best Regards,
> The Zorpia Team
> http://www.zorpia.com
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