[B-Greek] Oxford Latin Dictionary

George F Somsel gfsomsel at juno.com
Sat Jul 30 13:22:35 EDT 2005

A question was recently raised regarding a Latin abbreviation.  It may be
that some are interested in resources for the study of this language in
addition to Greek.

Logos has announced the intention to publish the
_Oxford_Latin_Dictionary_.  This will not be a cheap book.  It is more
extensive than Lewis & Short as well as being based on a fresh reading of
the original sources.  It does not cover Medieval Latin but stops at
approximately 200 A.D.  It follows the format of the
_Oxford_English_Dictionary_.  At the moment it is possible to subscribe
at the prepublication price of $149.95.  As someone who is NOT an
employee of Logos and who gains nothing from any purchases, I can attest
to the high quality and usefulness of their publications.  Information
regarding the resource and scans of some of the pages from the print
edition are available at



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