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For it to work for me, I had to go through the main Eton site (click on
Greek Project under Eton in Action)

The page itself does mention that you cannot directly bookmark the
testers. It seems this is true of the main page as well.


On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 06:00:21 -0400, "Carl W. Conrad" <cwconrad at ioa.com>
> Some list-members who wish to go beyond Biblical Greek and explore  
> the earlier classical form of the language may be interested to learn  
> of a new site, "THE ETON GREEK SOFTWARE PROJECT" at  http:// 
> www.etoncollege.com/Eton.asp?state=load&di=1458
> Here's the blurb:
>   "The Eton Classics Department has commissioned software to help  
> with the learning of Greek vocabulary and grammar, making use of the  
> new Oxford Greek Grammar by James Morwood. Oxford University Press  
> has collaborated in this enterprise, and the Provost and Fellows of  
> Eton College have made the programs available on the internet as a  
> free service in accord with the College&#8217;s aims as a charitable  
> organisation. The Reading Greek parts of the Project have been  
> developed in association with the Department of Classical Studies at  
> the Open University. The Chandris Group has given generous support to  
> the project.
> "The software, which is designed by Tony Smith, is in self-contained  
> and manageable stages. Several stages have now been completed and  
> consist of four Vocabulary Testers (for AQA GCSE, OCR GCSE, OCR AS- 
> level, and a Reading Greek Vocabulary Tester), three Verb Testers  
> (for GCSE, AS-level, and a Reading Greek Verb Tester), and four Noun  
> Testers (for AQA GCSE, OCR GCSE, OCR AS-level, and a Reading Greek  
> Noun Tester), all of which can be accessed below. The responses are  
> multiple-choice or written. There is also a downloadable Word List  
> suitable for use with the OCR AS-level. The next stage will be a  
> syntax program consisting of &#8216;drag-and-drop&#8217;or &#8216;gap-filling&#8217; exercises."
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