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malcolm robertson mjriii2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 13:44:06 EDT 2005

I just took the National Greek exam and scored 9 out of 9.  I however would not get your hopes up and let such a scheme measure your competence.  Instead either go to some classical site(s) and use their test preps and vocab building wares or pick up the Greek NT and read.  Sokrates said "the wise man is he who knows that he does not know."  You will be a better judge of what you can and can't do at present than anybody else - both by prepared texts or cold reading.
In addition the Perseus site has various Greek/Latin texts on line with lexica and grammatical aids all at your fingertips.
Malcolm Robertson

Eric Biggs <ericb at gracechurchreno.org> wrote:

The National Biblical Greek Exam might be good enough:


Stephen, you might find this site useful as well.

Eric Biggs
zealous student
Reno, NV

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