[B-Greek] Greek Exegesis: Distance Learning

Don Doherty ddoherty at powerup.com.au
Wed Jul 27 20:28:38 EDT 2005

> IMHO books are no substitute for a teacher.
> For example, Wallace p.411 talks about "ergative verbs" and "lexemes". He
> provides a slight definition of the former, but I have no idea what a
> "lexeme" is -- it does not appear in the index, is not in my dictionary.
> (Incidentally, do you have a formal definition of a "particle"?)

As a student myself I can recommend the "Pocket Dictionary for the Study of
New Testament Greek" by Matthew S. DeMoss, published 2001 by InterVarsity
Press, Downers Grove, Illinois.

The page 79 definition of "lexeme" is:
    "A minimal unit in the semantic system of a language; the words listed
in a lexicon (as opposed to all the grammatical variants that the lexeme can
produce (buy in relation to buys, bought, buying, buyer, etc.)"

There is also a substantial definition on p. 94 of "particle".
For me the Dictionary is very useful and I even find myself browsing through
it just for pleasure.

Don Doherty
Alexandra Headland

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