[B-Greek] Greek Exegesis: Distance Learning

Stephen Baldwin stbaldwi at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 27 19:41:10 EDT 2005

Hello Oun, everyone!
Your gracious replies to a rookie are greatly appreciated.

>>In lieu of starting to learn with some suitable books available?
Err, well my first choice would be to pack up work and go full-time.
That won't happen, so, having finished the basic course (we used Mounce 
BBG), this is where the fun really starts. I'm assuming that self-study may 
be my only option but then considered whether distance learning might also 
be able to add something.

I have Wallace / ...Beyond the Basics and Mounce's Graded Reader as my main 
instructional books, supplemented by Trenchard's vocab guide. (I also got 
Carson's Greek Accents for my birthday for those fits of rabid 

But IMHO books are no substitute for a teacher.
For example, Wallace p.411 talks about "ergative verbs" and "lexemes". He 
provides a slight definition of the former, but I have no idea what a 
"lexeme" is -- it does not appear in the index, is not in my dictionary. 
(Incidentally, do you have a formal definition of a "particle"?)

You nevertheless raise a good question regarding books and technique for 
self-study. I've already mentioned what I have. Do feel free to recommend 
your favorite study books.
I've decided, rather than to go through e.g. Wallace systematically, to let 
my reading of the GNT and advanced commentaries drive the task. So, I'm 
taking my Aland to church and trying to use it in my private reading. When 
grammatical and exegetical issues arise, I'm then planning on reading the 
appropriate chapter in the text book. I'm also going to get going with the 
Graded Reader-- that looks useful...


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>From: Oun Kwon <kwonbbl at gmail.com>
>In lieu of starting to learn with some suitable books available?
>Oun Kwon,
>On 7/27/05, Stephen Baldwin <stbaldwi at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >...
> > distance learning exegesis course?

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