[B-Greek] rough breathing in Koine times

malcolm robertson mjriii2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 27 18:22:47 EDT 2005

Dear Elizabeth Kline,
To quote Daniel P. Wheeler:  "P46 has a little sideways "T" as a rough breather to distinguish ambiguous words like EIS and EN."  P45 and P75 also have breathing marks.  I personally am more familar with P46 and P75.

At the below link is a snip of Codex Vaticanus (4th cent.) and the accent marks are quite plain. 
It has also been pointed out elsewhere that the accents pre date the Christian era in Alexandria (M Heide, op cit Sandys, A History of Classical Scholarship, Vol. I, S. 105.)
Malcolm Robertson

Elizabeth Kline <kline-dekooning at earthlink.net> wrote:
On 7/27/05 10:09 AM, "Carl W. Conrad" wrote:

> It's unclear to me in exactly what sense Malcolm means "preserved."

.... and now was rough breathing "preserved" in uncial manuscripts?

Elizabeth Kline 

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