[B-Greek] Greek Exegesis: Distance Learning

Ne0phlte at aol.com Ne0phlte at aol.com
Wed Jul 27 16:40:26 EDT 2005

Hey there Stephen, 

Moody Bible Institute offers a distance learning Greek Exegesis course at the 
undergraduate level.  I have not taken this course so I do not really know 
much about it.  But if you go to www.moody.edu you can download the distance 
learning catalog and read the description.  

Also, Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute in Fort Worth, 
Texas offers TONS of distance learning Greek classes (and Hebrew classes).  You 
can actually take any degree they offer, anything from undergrad level classes 
to grad work to doctoral work via distance learning.  Unfortunately Tyndale is 
not accredited, so if your looking to seriously pursue some kind of college 
education, or if you feel that you may ever want to,  i would not reccommend 
that you take classes from them because there credits can't really be transfered 
to other schools very easily.  However, if your not interested in earning a 
degree and just want to learn a bit, check it out.  They have a whole Biblical 
Languages program.  www.tyndale.edu

Hope this helps, 

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